Taken: A Mafia Romance by Logan Chance

Taken: A Mafia Romance

Book Title: Taken: A Mafia Romance

Author: Logan Chance

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Logan Chance with Taken: A Mafia Romance

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Things change. Sometimes not for the better.

Xavier is no longer the maid’s son. Or my best friend. Now he’s wealthy and powerful--the dark don, in charge of one of the largest corporations in the world.

I never expected the boy who always saved me to be the man who kidnaps me.


Some things never change.

Rhiannon is still as fiery and beautiful as the day I walked away. Now I'm back, ready to seek vengeance against the one man who wronged me. My rival. Her father.

If her father wants war, he'll get a war.

Kidnapping his daughter is the key to my ultimate revenge.